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Lake Casitas

One more photo from my Lake Casitas collection.



Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Here are couple of night sky photos taken from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.




The Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky way galaxy over Lake Casitas, California. I always wanted to photograph the Milky way galaxy in the night sky so I finally decided get out there and do it. I decided on Lake Casitas by Ojai, California as my location. I definitely want to try it again further away from metropolitan areas of Southern California.



Vatos Racing

Vatos Racing’s inaugural race on August 17, 2012 at the Paju Speedpark (about an hour and half drive out of Seoul, South Korea). Peter Cull, Patrick Miles, Eugene Blake, and James Hillier donned Vatos Racing’s colors and competed in KSEF’s grueling 5 hour endurance race in 100+ degree heat.  Despite being plagued by several mechanical failures and competing against professional riders, Vatos Racing triumphantly completed the endurance race in 6th place.

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Something a bit more abstract. The picture below is part of a wall that over looks a bridge. I took the photo while it was raining and the running water added some nice texture to the surface.


Another photo of Oviatt Library taken on the same day as the previous post but in almost completely contrasting condition. This one was shot at noon which normally is a big “no no”  and  the emphasis on sky instead of the lawn.

Oviatt Library

Oviatt Library at Californiat State University Northridge. The library may look familiar to many who have never visited the campus because it is featured in many Hollywood films and television series such the most recent Star Trek movie where it portrayed as Star Fleet Academy.


AF-S 14-24mm f2.8G @ ISO 400, 14mm, f2.8, 1/2 sec.


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